Friday, February 13, 2015

Never mind…

Dear Ruqaiya,

Never mind my prying but there’s a sense of bewilderment that has drawn me to you. I get the sense that you’re at that juncture in life where several twists and turns have rendered you feeling hapless and insecure. But as a woman you learn to make compromises and eventually embrace them. They become a part and parcel of your daily life to the extent that your existence is solely determined by finding that middle ground in everything you do. As women, we bear secrets that can only reside within the maze of our hearts, and no matter how hard you try to run away from it all, they haunt you still. But some things are not meant to be said out loud, so they’re best left alone unraveled. I learned a long time ago that there is no such thing as a clean slate, what is engraved in memory remains. The events of your past mistakes coupled with relentless regrets will anchor you but that’s what makes your life's journey so much richer, your smile warmer and the look in your eyes deeper.

Never mind that you’re judgmental of the decisions you've taken, but it’s only because you feel so vulnerable in the face of every set back. Never mind that feeling of insecurity that takes over you at the thought of not having achieved what you set off to achieve in the first place, perhaps it’s only a matter of time before great things come your way. Never mind that you’re probably the exception to the rule and might forever dwell in a state of settling for less, but didn't someone really wise say that less is more? Never mind that you stare time and again into a blank page in a desperate attempt to hurl all emotion, only to fail miserably. Those attempts will sweeten the outcome someday.

Never mind that I’m possibly just a fragment of your wild imagination, and you’re beginning to think that you’re losing your mind, but let me tell you just how much  I wish I could reach out to you in a warm embrace and chase away your daemons. Here’s hoping that my longing for what’s best for you will translate into a world where only the both of us exist!

Yours lovingly,

This post was inspired by a blog post titled “It’s Okay” by Ibraheem Hamdi, better known as ibhog. The blog was published into a book titled “The Cashmere Scarf” .Ibhog has played a major influence in my writing and spirituality in many ways. This is my ode to him!

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Noor said...

Ruqaiya, this is beautiful! How come I've only read this now?
I wish you'd let that wild imagination of yours run more wildly, I'd love to hear all those thoughts of yours.